My Babysitters


Our aim is to provide you with excellent childcare at reasonable rates. We want you to enjoy yourselves and feel relaxed, whilst ensuring your children are safe and happy.

We hope you will quickly realise how easy it is to use our service and how wonderful our babysitters are!


Our Babysitters Fees: 

7am - 7pm is £10 ph

7pm - Midnight is £8 ph

After Midnight is back to £10ph 


Our Agency Fees:

For babysitting starting at 7pm there is a £10 booking fee regardless of the number of hours required. For early babysitting from 5pm onwards the booking fee is £15. 

For babysitting starting from 3pm the usual day booking rates apply. 

These are the same rates whether the booking is within a home or local hotel setting. ‚Äč

If a nanny or babysitter is required within 24 hours of booking there will be a £10 additional booking charge to the above. 

Cancellation Policy

If a booking for a babysitter is cancelled within 24 hours you will be required to pay the babysitters 50% of her booked time for, plus the agency booking fee. If you cancel within 12 hours you will be charged for the full amount of the booking.